Thursday, July 31, 2008

yeah I am still alive~

Thought its time to post some new things... even if I am there days not happy with my work... But well, I'll keep on trying °-°

Unfinished work... don't know if I can finish this one... I am not happy with it - but I don't know why...
Scribble for a picture of a city... but I am totally unsure about it.. I liked it in the beginning but now...
For School. I am not good in discribing. Should be a place where hippies life o_o
Again for school. A Szene from a stroy of my gf and me. I like the colors very much in this one...

This is a collaboration between Nathalie and me. She let me do the colors. I am very happy about that. I loved to color it. It was so much fun between all the homework.
scribble for a collab with my gf.. she should draw me the other man behind me priest xD

scribble of a high aco o_o