Sunday, May 31, 2009

023 Cat

drooping kitty~ meow °-°

022 Mother Nature

o_o Again ... I hate the colors D: I am not able to do the right colors in open canvas... Photoshop, I miss U ;_;

Miya ~

Just wanted to draw Miya in the Shadow Chaser Outfit °~°
crappy scribble xD I will probably try it again... some day °3°

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

019 Grey

Stone Curse D: nooo

Sivan Collab <3

It's Sivan *3*
The Sniper of our RPG ... o_o somehow.
Its a collab as you can probably tell D:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

018 Rainbow

... madness xD
well Zack & Nageki having a fun time with rainbows wohoo..
omg they are so gay D:


°-° why not~ want to be motivated D: nao... D:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

017 Blood

o_o that hurts~
Don't know who the other Priest is... but I think he is responsible for the wound D:

got some big problems with coloring these days~ o__o

016 Questioning

Are you there?

o_o well this time a monochrome color~
I did so much coloring today, I wasn't really motivated xD

015 Silence

Poor Nageki~ He is silenced (skill in Ragnarok xD) in a big Mob (was too lazy to actually paint a big mob lol) unable to use Magnum Exorzismus.. xD

014 Smile

omg this is the first time I actually like a picture for this challenge xD
I had so much fun coloring Lucien *-*

013 Misfortune

ebil (crappy xD) poporing of doom is eating the ghostring card nageki just found... nooo °_°
hate the background... (beside everything else xD) I need my photoshop back ;_____;

Saturday, May 23, 2009

012 Insanity

nothing left to say... xD

It was really fun to color the female Priest dress xD

011 Memory

°-° Nageki is thinking of how he met Lucien °-°
dun like the composition~ but I'm never pleased with what I draw xD

Still have 8 Scribbles to color o_o"
I don't think I will finish them this weekend xD

010 Breathe Again

Quick crappy color for a scribble I didn't like xD
It's Nageki in Byalan... Dungeon full of water, hard to breathe in level 4-5 ... °-°
He got back to level 3 and now can breathe again wohoo °-°
bah. xD

009 Drive

Nageki with a driver, killing a poor Blue Plant xD
spend too much time with the color.. bleh. °-°

Thursday, May 21, 2009

008 Innocence

My Nageki again as cute little ~innocent~ Acolyte mwah /lv
this theme was easy... what could be more innocent? XD
Though Anu says that he isn't innocent at all D:

~ Kobi

this was the 2. try of braking free.. more a posing picture D:
bla.. couldn't color it because it was to dark D:

Monday, May 18, 2009

this is the colored skribble of my first try for "breaking free" ... it lookes too depressing for me o_o the focus is more on the one who's left behind... that hast not much to do with freedom..

it's Nagekis twin-brother breaking free from the cold walls of the church they were forced to life in o_o .... omg... xD

Sunday, May 17, 2009

007 Heaven

What Heaven for Nageki is... :3

006 Break Away

... not happy with that o_o"
I totally did not know what to draw for "Break Away"... I have 2 other scribble for it.. I put them up later... I didn't like the picutre with a story... so I tried to draw something that just feels like breaking away o_o ... ... I failed... but who cares xD
I wont give up D:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

005 Seeking Solace

Nageki as a Acolyte °-°
I first wanted to draw him with his bff Lioba.. as HP.. or at leas Pri.. but then o_o
He turned so small and I decided to make him Aco D:
... with Lioba o_o... as a HP.. though she should be the same age... ... grah. whatever xD

004 Dark

uhh its so dark °-°
and ebil
... xD

stripping nageki °-°

just because I like it when they get naked... D:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

003 Light

Light...  o_o it looks very dark for the "light" theme but... oO didn't know what else to draw... though.. I fear the next theme "dark" won't look so different at all o_o"

I hate his hand and... his anatomy  xD bwah. And the "darkness" fact o_o

I want to draw some colorful pictures again o_o 

Hold on Nageki °_° I will put more light in your life... some day.. xD

Friday, May 8, 2009

002 Love

wohoo numer 2 is done...
theme: love o__o

why is the secound thing such a hard theme °_°
I first wanted to make them nice outlines but then.. woah I hate outlines.. so I just colored it o_o
I'm not satisfied at all xD
well ok.. I like the way Lucien is looking.. XD